Sports Marketing

The power of social media marketing is driven by the unparalleled capacity of social media in three core marketing areas: connection, interaction, and customer data. Not only does social media enable businesses to connect with customers in ways that were previously impossible, but there is also an extraordinary range of avenues to connect with target audiences from content platforms (like YouTube) and social sites (like Facebook) to microblogging services (like Twitter).

A well-designed social media marketing plan delivers another invaluable resource to boost marketing outcomes: customer data. Rather than being overwhelmed by volume, variety, and velocity, social media marketing tools have the capacity not only to extract customer data but also to turn this gold into actionable market analysis or even to use the data to crowdsource new strategies. The more targeted your social media marketing strategy is, the more effective it will be. Euro World Sports Agency can design the right plan and strategy and can build a strategic campaign that has an execution framework as well as performance metrics.

What We Do


Our approach to business makes Euro World Sports Agency a leader in the world in providing the know-how in sponsorships. Clubs, federations and agencies who need to stay at the top of the business need to activate sponsorships in order to further develop and progress in their industries.


We provide full service venue management to major sporting federations and professional clubs around the world. We help develop professional sports events in football, tennis, basketball, cricket, volleyball, golf and hockey.


Euro World Sports Agency represent and manage the careers of leading sports figures all over Europe and the rest of the world. Through our global resources we create excellent experiences and provide insights to some of the world’s most memorable events


Our Camps offers group training, position specific skill work and friendly games with specific training programs and training specializations that focus on such as mental performance and power &strength. Our camps around Europe offers teams and corporations the best service whitout exceptions


Euro World Sports Agency help build and support new and existing professional sports leagues to meet the growing demands on global sports properties. From innovative developments in football, handball and tennis formats to expanded distribution of some of the world’s biggest soccer leagues, we have played instrumental roles in some of the world’s most valuable sports entities.


For 12 years, EWSA has provided the best sporting tournaments to young athletes around the world. Sports offered include football, tennis, golf, basketball, hockey, volleyball ad handball. Tournaments include boarding schools, youth camps, family programs, team trainings